Window Cleaning

With several window cleaning options available we are sure you will find your window cleaning needs met to suit your specific requirements. You can save money and just have the exterior window cleaning with the screens wiped only or have the deluxe cleaning that involves both your inside and outside windows along with the wiping of your tracks and soapy hand washing of the window screens. Think of how happy and satisfied you will be with a house full of spotless, stunning, and clean windows.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters that suffer improper care will accumulate moss, leaves, pinecones, evergreen needles and even kid’s toys. These debris in addition to standing water can weigh several pounds and damage the gradient of the gutter's slant (known as the gutter’s pitch line). If that slope is lost due to excessive weight, standing water can get stagnate away from the downspout. Mosquitoes can breed and the overflowing water can go into the home’s foundation, possibly flooding your basement.

Roof Moss Treatment

We do a light scrape for tall moss. This process won’t phase the shingles. Then we blow the loose debris off the roof with a backpack blower. We clear all the debris from the inside of the gutters and check that all the downspouts are clear. We then apply a powdered zinc like treatment (thinking about the fish) to the roof to terminate the spores and any remaining moss. You will see the process within 2 weeks of the first rain. Weather will abrade away remaining dead moss in about 9-12 weeks of normal Seattle rain. It won’t harm your plants, home, or pets.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent costly fires and to run more efficiently. Regular dryer cleaning maintenance may even lengthen the life of your costly dryer. You may also find loads don’t require more than one cycle to finish the towels. Usually the time spent drying a load decreases by 10-20 minutes. If the dryer's exhaust vent is located on the roof or a side wall we can get it done.

Pressure Washing

You may just want the wood deck pressure washed to avoid slipping again or because you forgot how beautiful it used to look. Maybe the driveway and sidewalks have built up moss and grime while you weren’t looking….We power wash most every surface except siding of a painted home. If you have something unique that needs pressure washing request a quote and send some pictures to our email.

Other Services

We have been in business for many years (1989) and continue to develop new services that we clean and maintain. We can get that light bulb that needs a 30 foot ladder to get to or change the batteries in that 2nd story blind or smoke alarm. Holiday lights can go up in November or be taken down after the holidays. Does the exterior of your gutters need cleaning? Tree/Branch limbs hanging on the roof? We can trim them. Vinyl or fabric awnings in the NW need gentle cleaning and care. We can do that too.

Serving the Greater Seattle Area

Serving the Greater Seattle Area

Established in 1989. We provide several cleaning services in Seattle and the close surrounding areas for both residential homes and smaller commercial buildings. Please send us some details about your needs along with your contact information and we will respond promptly with a custom quote. You can usually expect to see your estimate within the same or one business day. * For any issues that can’t be resolved by email or if you just like to speak to a person contact Clear Skies Cleaning at 206-669-7706. If we don’t pick up we will respond to your voicemail at our soonest availability.