Quotes – Send a Memo

When you request a quote please describe the services you would like performed in the “Message” box at the bottom of the form:

Gutter Cleaning – Surrounding perimeter / just in the front & back / sides / minimal. We also do LeafGuard system cleaning.

Moss Treatment – Is your Moss condition light, medium or heavy? How long has it been since your last treatment?

Window Cleaning – Specify interior and exterior window cleaning or exterior cleaning only. An itemized number of screens and small, medium, and large panes rather than window frames will insure an accurate quote.

How soon would you like the work completed? Immediately / Within 2 weeks / Within a month  As of the week of June 12th we are booked out 3-4 weeks. 

Any other added details help to make an accurate quote: How many stories and square feet is your roof? (An attached picture or pictures or a link to a picture of your house from Google, Zillow, etc. is very helpful to be sure we are quoting the right house.) Thank You!

You can email pictures to info@clearskiescleaning.com or text images to 206-661-6255

*See specific “Services” page for more details for creating a quote.

Here are a few requested Quotes you can use as examples:

– Quote for roof, gutter and downspout cleaning. One/Two story house (Daylight basement) and detached garage. Front of the house is single story on the west side and has gutters on all sides. The South side begins to get into two story, North and East are also two stories. The North has a cedar tree that hang over/on parts of the roof. Back deck allows part of the South and East as one story. Garage has gutters on all sides. No gutter guards. Gutters and roof haven’t been cleaned in about two to three years and no moss treatment in several years. Heavy moss and pine needles. At least one downspout is clogged on the front of the house. Would like to make sure all are clear. House main level is 1800 sq’ and garage is two car (400-500 sq ft?). Two skylights and a chimney on the roof. Would like the skylights cleaned as well if possible.

– I would like a quote for the following work on our home. I would like to have the work completed late the week of 12/15 or early the week of 12/22. Exterior cleaning of window panes: (7) 3×5 windows, (2) 6×6 windows, (1) French door, (2) 3×4 windows, (2) 2×3 windows. Roof cleanup: we have light moss growing on our asphalt shingle roof, I estimate the roof to be 1,500 square ft. Gutter cleanup: please check the gutters to see if they need to be cleaned out. I estimate gutters to be ~120-140 linear feet. Thanks, Andy

– Windows and Gutters please. Photos of house below. My window washer just upped their prices by 50%. Just want to see what you would charge. Need work done in September ideally. (a link was pasted here that pictured the house) Both interior and exterior please. Probably close to 40 panes, some small some very large as you can see. Only about 10 screens to clean.

*Quotes, bids, and proposals are usually responded back the same day unless a call or email is made requesting some more information. I apologize in advance if I am caught up and it takes any longer.