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Pressure Washing Services:

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You may just want the wood deck pressure washed to avoid slipping again or because you forgot how beautiful it used to look. Maybe the driveway and sidewalks have built up moss and grime while you weren’t looking….We power wash most every surface except aged and brittle paint on a  home. Unless that is what you want (Chips of loose paint will most likely come off.  If you have something unique that needs pressure washing, request-a-quote and send in a picture by an email at

Here is a short list of the power washing services we do….

Surface Cleaner

20′ Surface Cleaner that cleans large areas quickly

Driveways – We have a 20 inch surface cleaner that makes this go much faster than the traditional pressure wash wand.

Sidewalks or Stepping Stones – 

Decks and Patios – 

Lawn Furnature – whether it’s teak or plastic garden furniture we can make it look nearly new again.

Concrete Walls –

Cement Stairs –

Exterior of Gutters – The pressure washing extension pole makes the exterior of gutter look amazing again.

Vinyl Siding of the house – We only go up to 2 stories on the siding. About 18 feet is our max for this service.

*Pressure washing is charged by time and material –  $120/hr with a 2.5 hour minimum and a $27.50-$37.50 material charge for gas/oil and pressure washer maintenance.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washer

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Clear Skies Cleaning,llc provides many services whether it is that patch of moss on the roof that looks like a 70's shag carpet, the gutters that look like an herb garden, or the dryer vent has all but the ears of a bunny trying to get out, we have you covered. When the sidewalks and driveway need pressure washing to improve your curb appeal, the windows need cleaning to enhance your feng shui energy and bring in some light, our services will make you smile and get you noticed with friends, family, and in the neighborhood. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and are licensed, insured, and pay L&I for your protection and peace of mind. Also feel free to visit inside my head, otherwise known as my infrequently updated blog." - Timothy Austin   My Personal Blog