Other Specialty Cleaning Services

Other Specialty Cleaning Services.


  • Dryer Vent Cleaning –

    Dryer Vent fires are the leading cause of house fires in America, and it is recommended they be cleaned yearly or even every 6 months depending on amount of usage. Dryer vent cleaning also improves the efficiency of your dryer (usually 5-30 minutes a load).  1st floor dryer vent cleaning is usually $125 each dryer vent unless it is an add-on to other services. Then it’s only $85. 2nd & 3rd floor dryer vents have an additional charge (usually $129-149). Roof top dryer vents are usually $179-199. If the dryer vent is on the side wall of your structure or a roof we can usually access it. We can get up to 3 stories if it isn’t more than 30-33 feet. The maximum distance the dryer and vent should be 12-15 feet. Regular dryer cleaning maintenance may even lengthen the life of your dryer. You may also find loads don’t require more than one cycle. – Safety Link

Dryer vent only reached with a ladder

Dryer vent only reached with a ladder

Before and after

Before and after

  • Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths, and 400 injuries annually.
  • “Failure to clean” is the leading factor contributing to clothes dryer fires in residential buildings.


*If the venting hose is under the house or daisy-chained beyond the exterior wall of the vent you may need to call the installer. 

  • Remove Old Satellite Dish from the roof or side of the house

-$135 unless it is an add-on to other services then it is $95.

On the roof we can tar it with Henry’s. If it is on the siding they would need customer to supply the compound needed like wood putty exc. If we need to wait for it to dry and paint it would be by the hour.

  • Holiday Lights

Holiday light can be installed in October to December and removed late January and February – $95/ hour – 2 hour minimum

We will bring the ladders and hang your lights for you. You can be part of the creative process and design the festive design of your choice or leave it to us to add the lights to the gutter lines.

  • Roof Anchors installed

Installed roof anchor to prevent liability issues and increase safety.

Installed roof anchor to prevent liability issues and increase safety.

– $65/each (Usually needs 2 or 3 depending on the roof)

It is recommended to have two and sometimes three anchors on step roofs. Protecting

your roof and doing it safe is worth the small investment to keep your technicians uninjured.

  • Light Bulb or Battery Change (hard to reach)

-$85 unless it is an add-on to other services then it is $40-60.

We can get to that entry light that requires a 24 foot ladder or replace the battery to the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm that is beyond the reach of a foot stool.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

$10/panel with a $145 minimum. We use a biodegradable soap formulated just for solar panels. Keeping your solar panels clean will maximize the photovoltaic potential. It is normal to increase the solar intake by 10% to 50% when they are clean over being dirty. Solar panels are meant to be dark and they absorb the light the best this way. Dust and grime can be lighter in color, reflective, and also filter out the Sun rays.

  • Gutter Patch and Small Repairs

-$95/hour – 2 hour minimum unless added to other services.


  • Trim Tree/Branch limbs

-Cut, trim, and scale back the limbs or branches overhanging on the roof or hanging close to the roof of house or building. These limbs untrimmed can rub and destroy the asphalt shingles on the roof. This service is usually for just a few branches and is around $85-105. If you have much more than that it would cost accordingly. We can fill your yard waste and/or leave the branches in a pile. We do not haul them away.

  • Metal Roofs

We only do metal roofs that are safely walkable with Korker shoes with foam. If the metal roof has a steep pitch (steeper than a 6/12 pitch)(rIse/span) we are not equipped with scaffolding or a boom lift. -$95/ hour – 2 hour minimum

  • Exterior of Gutters Cleaning

-$110/hour – 2 hour minimum unless added to other services

We can clean the outside of the gutters too. Removing the green algae and dirt can leave a clean and bright new gutter look. Depending on the exterior of the gutter’s finish will determine the outcome of the discoloration by moss, dirt, grime, and mildew. Most gutters look considerably better and sometimes like new.

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Clear Skies Cleaning provides many services whether it is that patch of moss on the roof that looks like a 70's shag carpet, the gutters that look like an herb garden or the dryer vent has all but the ears of a bunny trying to get out, we have you covered. When the sidewalks and driveway need pressure washing to improve your curb appeal, the windows need cleaning to enhance your feng shui energy and bring in some light, our services will make you smile and get you noticed in the neighborhood. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and are licensed, insured and pay L&I for your protection and peace of mind. Also feel free to visit inside my head, otherwise known as my infrequently updated blog." - Timothy Austin   My Personal Blog