The Moral Impetus of a Clean Gutter

July 15, 2016
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The Moral Impetus of a Clean Gutter

Here at Clear Skies, we spend a lot of time around a lot of different gutters, and, well, the mind wanders…  

Ever stop and really consider the phrase “keep your mind out of the gutter?” Why do we have such a phrase in our language? What is this linguistic connection we make between gutters and unsavory thoughts?

The answer? Well, obviously, it’s because gutters can be pretty gross, not a really great place to hang out, and filled with all sorts of half-rotten debris of a dubious nature. Once your mind starts sloshing around in the muck, one thing leads to another, and suddenly may find yourself nowhere your mother would approve of, covered in slime of one form or another, or even living with rats in a nest of twigs and moldy leaves. <shudder> 

Now what are these crazy Clear Skies guys rambling about, you may be asking? 

Let’s take this back to it’s source, to the gutter itself, and what it means for your house. Really, gutters are only nasty if they aren’t properly cleaned and maintained. If they’re smoothly channeling water to the proper places, there’s no problem. It’s the CLOGGING that makes gutters notorious. And just like a mind in a gutter can lead to all sorts of who-knows-what-kind-of-consequences, a clogged gutter on your house can equally lead to some very distressing and expensive consequences, especially in a wet climate like we have here in the Pacific Northwest. For example:

  • Rotting Wood – The trapped water can begin rotting wood at the edge of the roof and slowly work it’s way up. Yikes! Check roofing rates lately? 
  • Mold and Mildew – If the water can’t be channeled away, it can create a haven for mold and mildew to gain a foothold under your roof and then spread into your house and render entire rooms uninhabitable. Mold is notoriously difficult to get rid of!
  • Sagging Gutters – The weight of debris and water can stress the fasteners and pull the gutters right off the house!
  • Water Stains – Water may overflow down the sides of the house, creating brownish stains down the side of the house, requiring special cleaning or repainting.
  • Overflow Damage – No longer being channeled down to drains, the water can spill over to the base of the house, drowning gardens, destroying landscaping, or even getting into your foundation (now there’s an EXPENSIVE consequence!)

Just like mindfulness of your thoughts is critical for leading a healthy life, mindfulness of your gutters is CRUCIAL for the health of your house. Waiting for something to go wrong before cleaning is a bit like waiting for a heart attack to start eating well. Be pro-active and keep your house happy! Attentive, regular cleaning could save you THOUSANDS of dollars in unintentional consequences. 

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