Holiday Lighting

* We are done taking orders for the 2019 Holiday Lighting season. Respond any time to be placed on a list for the 2020 season.

Schedule for late-September to early-December 2020 hanging of Holiday lighting. Be placed on a list to contact you in September 2020.

We will come and hang (LED) lights on your gutters, shingles, eaves, and/or railing(s) to light up your home this holiday season! We bring and custom your lights. The average home is $498 – $650 to put up the lights and bulbs. We install a timer to schedule your lights being on. We will return in Jan – Feb to remove the lights(included in the price). We give you a box to store and keep the custom lights for the following years. If you want us to store it is an extra $50/yr. Next year and the following years will be approximately 20% less than the first install because you will own the lights.

Customize the patterns of colors you like. Do warm (LED) or bright white lights, red and white candy cane, 12’s and Sounder fans can have blue and green. Customize as you wish. The wiring can be green, white, or brown.

Explain what you want done. You can send an email with pictures to Approximate length of the front of your house. Colors? Dates to instal and remove. Request an estimate.


Before lights are installed.
Crew installing lights.
Lights (warm LED) on brown wiring in the daylight. Chose from warm or bride white, green, blue, and/or red. All bulbs are in LED.
Lights at night

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