Career Opportunity on our Team

One or Two positions available: 03/01/2019

  1. A Window Cleaner with a couple years of experience.
    Be on our file to call even if you are not available now.
    Part time /or/ Full time position (20-40 hours/week)
    -We are looking for someone experienced with strong self motivation and physically able. Also a great eye for detail and a happy team player!


If you are looking to develop yourself a career as a cleaning specialist. Clear Skies Cleaning, LLC is always keeping an eye out for talent. We are a growing company dedicated to customer satisfaction and a quality honest work ethic.

Career opportunities

The challenge we face is huge, and we’re only going to make it happen with the best people. If you stand out from the crowd as exceptional, honest, trainable or skilled, likable, if you’re driven to be your best, have strength, speed, and have an insatiable appetite to be awesome… we definitely want you to apply.

Please drop us a message in the box and tell us why you may be a perfect fit. Thanks

* Clear Skies Cleaning, Clear Skies Cleaning, LLC will not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability, except where the disability would prevent the performance of the essential requirements of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation.    Equal opportunity is the law


Clear Skies Cleaning provides many services whether it is that patch of moss on the roof that looks like a 70's shag carpet, the gutters that look like an herb garden or the dryer vent has all but the ears of a bunny trying to get out, we have you covered. When the sidewalks and driveway need pressure washing to improve your curb appeal, the windows need cleaning to enhance your feng shui energy and bring in some light, our services will make you smile and get you noticed in the neighborhood. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and are licensed, insured and pay L&I for your protection and peace of mind. Also feel free to visit inside my head, otherwise known as my infrequently updated blog." - Timothy Austin   My Personal Blog