Timothy Austin started Clear Skies Cleaning, LLC in 1989
and has built a reputation on integrity and personalized customer service.

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About the Owner

Timothy Austin

Many years ago you could find me dangling from the edge of a building in a Bozeman chair or walking the circumference of a roof listening to an iPod. Whether it was rain or shine I had my hands in a bucket of soapy water or a leaf packed gutter. Perhaps I was skirting a driveway or sidewalk with my blower packed on my back. As you can see from my photos, I am completely in my element working to spruce up your home. These days I do much more from home or the office but still enjoy making Seattle a cleaner place.  

I am completely vegetarian eating only plants, fruits, beans and grains and believe in being totally fit in body, soul, and spirit. You might find I am a totally open person who focuses on the good in all of creation and religions and believe in taking good care of our earth and our resources including our animal friends. I believe in peace and being calm and strive to do my best in keeping tranquility in my portion of this universe.

I love people and enjoy meeting new faces. I also enjoy to read a wide variety of authors including prose and poetry. Being passionate about travel, especially to third world countries,  I often dream of living in a straw hut in some warm place absorbing the culture and language.  There you would find me conversing with a complete stranger in an unknown language.  I choose to see the good in all things and people, yet when we are on the job we are totally focused on getting it done well and efficiently for you.

I have lived in the Seattle area most of my life and starting my business freshly out of High School. I subcontracted work from window cleaning friends to get myself through college. I earned my AA degree at Highline Community College and in doing so I also learned this trade and grew to love it. With the help of many people over the years I have made it into what it is today: Clear Skies Cleaning, llc.

Here is my Personal Blog.

Please feel free to comment on my blog postings, email or call me
and make this a peaceful home for you and your friends.

– Timothy Austin

About Vance DaVinci

DaVinci was born in Spain. Since early 2013 he has been our leader and service technician working on being the absolute best he can be. When he is cleaned up and finding time for himself he is shredding an according or organizing a weekend festival in Redmond called Fluidity. He is also a part of a group of performers called Zepto Space.

About Kyla Seek

Kyla Seek

Kyla is the office manager.

About Rick Armon

Rick Armon

Rick has been working in the field for 13 years doing windows, gutters, moss treatments and pressure washing.

About Hunter Brigham

Picture soon

About Richard Elyn Hunter Brigham

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About Masaru Higasa

Masaru (Mas) has joined us to do scheduling and help with quotes.

Masaru Image
Mas keeping Clear Skies in Rhythm.

Mas was born on the island of Okinawa. He is also an amazing musician that plays, produces,  and creates multidimensional, multi-instrumental world music with an electronic fusion. Yaima is one of his four project bands that he plays in. The second album of Yaima  is out and finding its way around the world. The band performs with a realtime visual performance by a visual arts jockey, a dance / aerialist, a didgeridoo player that takes you on journeys along with an amazing singer laced with beautiful lyrics. Mas plays guitar, drums, native American flute and the programed beats. The other three bands can all be found online under the names Citta Flow, Aja, and Utooto.


About Niko Petrosyan

Niko Petrosyan
Niko is a dad and husband to a beautiful family. He works part time helping with website and social media presents.

About Sofia Austin

My daughter showing her skills

My daughter, Sofia, showing just one of her abilities. She also goes into our software program and capitalizes names and makes phone numbers uniform to 206–669–7706 for ease to look up. She is meticulous to detail and gets the client’s profile looking nice.


Clear Skies Cleaning,llc provides many services whether it is that patch of moss on the roof that looks like a 70's shag carpet, the gutters that look like an herb garden, or the dryer vent has all but the ears of a bunny trying to get out, we have you covered. When the sidewalks and driveway need pressure washing to improve your curb appeal, the windows need cleaning to enhance your feng shui energy and bring in some light, our services will make you smile and get you noticed with friends, family, and in the neighborhood. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and are licensed, insured, and pay L&I for your protection and peace of mind. Also feel free to visit inside my head, otherwise known as my infrequently updated blog." - Timothy Austin   My Personal Blog